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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 3, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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. thanks for joining us. big hand for the audience tonight. thank you for being with us we'll see you back here monday. have a great weekend. . that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> this is a fox news alert. "on the record" is tracking two major breaking news stories. tonight, new video showing isis savages hostage in iraq. terrorists warn there will be a another beheading and that one will be an american. ebola in america and there is fear it is spreading right now several americans under treatment in isolation. many more under quarantine. ebola impacting all corners of the u.s. tonight from washington, d.c., to texas, to georgia, and nebraska fox news team of reporters tracking reporters' every move across america. casey stegall live in dallas. that's where we start. casey? >> greta, good evening.
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the latest news involves one of our own. in fact, a freelance journalist, a photographer that was working for nbc news that has now come down with the ebola virus. he caught it in liberia. that is where he has been working, covering this deadly virus outbreak for the network. and we understand this afternoon that health officials say that he will be transported now to the nebraska medical center in omaha, a fine facility as you all know that successfully treated an american doctor for ebola recently. meantime hazmat crews have been at the dallas apartment complex today where the liberian national who boarded a plane and brought the virus to the united states had been staying with family. the place has been scrubbed down while four members of thomas duncan's family remain quarantined inside. the company hired to do the clean up had to secure special permits to transport the hazardous waste that included the patient's bedding and his clothing. finally the cdc says out of the 100 people who have had
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some sort of contact, either direct or indirect contact with patient zero as is he being called, since he arrived in texas, ten are considered high risk exposures. we understand that is likely his family and medical professionals, greta, who initially treated him before they knew he had ebola. >> casey, thank you. and wilfred smallwood is thomas duncan's half-brother and right now his 21-year-old son is quarantined in that dallas apartment. andrew spoke with wilfred smallwood in texas yesterday and he joins us live. good evening and tell me what did the half-brother say? >> he is optimistic and he is also a little bit scared because it is kind of a vacuum of information about what is happening with his half-brother. again, his name is wilfred smilewood and living in phoenix for nine years. he moved here from liberia nine years ago and brother
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stayed behind in that country. they haven't seen each other in nine years. they keep in touch regularly. he spoke with the ebola patient just after he arrived here in the u.s. he told me that everything at the time seemed okay. as we now know after the ebola patient first went to that hospital in dallas, he was initially sent home. only to be diagnosed with ebola a few days later. well, the two haven't been able to talk since the half-brother was hospitalized in dallas. on top of all of that, the 212-year-old as you mentioned, greta, is hold up inside that dallas apartment. he was staying with relatives at that apartment where the ebola patient was staying. now he is quarantined in that apartment. he will be in there for at least another two weeks. his father told me his son is doing okay. he feels fine. however, he is not too happy about the hospital's treatment of his half-brother. very don't.
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he talked to me. in the house here, okay. everything okay? have food. everything is okay. we are here. we are fine. >> i kept it right there. more investigation back home. man went home family. >> mr. smallwood tells me just spoke to his son this afternoon and things appeared to be getting better inside that dallas apartment. he told us the sheets and the towels that the ebola patient was using appeared to be being removed properly. everyone was optimistic and his son is not showing any symptoms of the virus. however, greta, is he frustrated that he did not get any information about his half-brother who is still in the hospital. >> okay, if mr. smallwood says that mr. duncan stayed behind for nine years, what suddenly made him come to texas? i mean, was there any discussion of leaving liberia because of the ebola
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epidemic? >> we didn't get into why he left liberia. i don't think it was because of the ebola epidemic. what he told us is that his half-brother recently got a visa to come to the u.s. to be with his family. apparently he has some relatives in dallas. that's why he was going there. and he got the visa and he decided to come. i don't think it was necessarily related to the ebola outbreak. he had been trying to get a visa for a while. once he got it, he left pretty much as soon as he could to come here. his brother also tells us that he did not have any symptoms when he arrived here in the u.s. >> all right, andrew, thank you. maybe we ought to explore who is getting visas, that might be an effective way to try to monitor. this thank you, andrew. new possible case of ebola in the u.s. right down the street from where i am. a washington, d.c. hospital has a patient in isolation after seeing signs of the deadly virus. for the latest wtte fox reporter alex alexander lemone joins us. what you can tell us about the patient at alexander
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university? >> there are actually now two possible cases in the d.c. area. one of those cases is being treated at howard university. the other, however, is being treated here at shady grove hospital in rockville, maryland. this is the latest possible ebola case we have learned about. this hospital tells us they have not yet confirmed if this is an ebola case but despite that that patient is in isolation because they have ebola-like symptoms and recently traveled to areas affected by ebola. so, likely somewhere in west africa. now, the other patient at howard university in d.c., that patient also has similar symptoms, also recently traveled to nigeria. and we have learned that that patient is actually a student who checked themselves into the hospital because they were feeling ill and howard university also says they are also keeping that patient under isolation as a precaution. both hospitals are waiting for test results to confirm whether or not these are
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ebola cases. but they are concerned and being very cautious because of where both of these patients recently traveled to, greta. >> alexandra, thank you. and the experimental drug hopes to be the wonder drug z map. credited with the saving the lives of the first two americans who contracted the ebola. this is the problem, and it is a huge one, there is no more of it. so now what? professor eric alman with the research institute is part of the team that developed it. she was on the record. nice to see you again. >> nice to be here. >> you are the expert. how fast you can create more? and what's in the way? it can't be made overnight. it has to be yen to. this is the thing. sheets are research products. those research days. we have never seen ebola outbreak on this scale before. other diseases were higher priority last year. so, the teams that make the
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antibodies vaccines are working as fast as they can to makes a much as they can and get to the people that need it. the people infected right now, the best course of action is to contain and control. to identify the cases and get them the proper medical treatment that they need. now, this is the major problem at this point. there is 50 new cases in sierra leone. those beds are full. more medical teams and more beds. the other things that are needed are more diagnostics. a lot of these viruses look the same. ebola start with a fever and headache. every one of us have had a fever and headache before. >> all right. >> there is another virus called lasa that is endemic in western africa. thousands of cases every year. endemic in the same places. a lot of these places people could be infected with lasa. diagnostic from one. mundane flu or malaria that
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needs the highest level of isolation. there is a company called core genics that has one in 15 minutes and i have worked with it myself. >> i call it the wonder drug which probably makes you a little crazy that i say that because we are so desperate to have the a drug that does the trick. seven people have taken it so far two have died out of seven. pretty good odds. one of the biggest problems often is government regulation. they get in the way. are there any regulations that are getting in the way now in terms of you getting this to market faster? >> well, my expertise is i'm the molecular biologist that figures out how it works. the government regulatory agencies have working as fast as they can to move these things as fast as they can. i haven't seen this to be a big problem. but, you know, the doses have to be made. this is a research product and the human doses just simply weren't available and that gave away everything they had.
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more is in production and they are working as hard as they can on that. >> all right. if you started today, for one dose, how soon could you make that? >> i don't know this really isn't my expertise. the focus needs to be letting the people who do that manufacturing as fast as they can. focus on getting the teams in the care and the beds to the patients. to developing faster diagnostics so we can tell somebody who has flu from somebody who has ebola. >> all right. thank you very much for joining us. and you understand that i just have sort of a sense of desperation. i understand -- >> -- we all do. >> i know you do too. you know a lot more about it than i do. so, anyway. professor, thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. this is a fox news alert. isis releasing a vicious new video showing the beheading of a second british hostage and warning an american captive will be next. fox news chief intelligence
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correspondent catherine herridge joins us. horrible news. >> it is. i have taken a look at the video. it's somewhat shorter than the previous execution videos that runs about 1 minute and 40 seconds. a similar format. this one begins with the british parliament approving the joining of the u.s. led collision with the air strikes. then it goes to that very familiar shot you see there on the screen with the hostage and then the executioner. >> this seems to be a direct response to the british parliament vote? >> correct. this is what is important in these videos, time stamped very specific references supposed to communicate we are responding to you. we are responding in realtime to your action. this is the warning to you. not that this is ancient history but they are moving in a very expeditious way. >> the american, that's next. what you can tell me about him or her? >> what i would say about these videos is this group is really going down the same track we saw with al
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qaeda. they don't put up false videos of executions or of identifying their victims. and they identify the american in this video as someone called peter and based on our research, he is former military, former army ranger and he had left the military medically discharged honorably and began the syrian assistance group when he was kidnapped in october of last year. until now the family has remained silent thinking it would help its case. >> any idea how many americans would be held. >> that's a great question. the ball park i always worked in based on my reporting has been about half a dozen. two as you know have been executed and now there is the threat of a third. the one that i think may be the most highly prized of the group, if you can put it in those terms is this woman from california about 24, 25, 26 years old. >> of course in case anyone has any doubt about islamic extremist, boko haram also
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executed nigerian pilot announced today. anyway, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> now an absolutely terrifying warning from military families. isis now using social media urging their supporters to go to military homes and slaughter the families in them. congressman peter king joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. how are you? >> very well. i guess we can't expect anything more from these savages than something like this. but this certainly does create, you know, more alarm here in the united states tonight. >> it really does it shows that isis is just focused on whether it's beheading people. weather it's threatening to slaughter american families of service is men and women. this is an evil, evil organization which in the past even terrorist organizations have tried to appeal to people, to show that there is a certain goodness about them. in this case isis wants everyone to know they are evil. they decided to go the route of terrifying everyone. >> and usually think of war as sort of soldier on soldier. here they actually want to go after the military
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families. of course, we have seen with the beheading that the justification for tonight's beheading is because of the british parliament vote. this group will stop at absolutely nothing. what are we doing to alert or prepare our military families? >> first of all, the military has to be on guard. they have been notified by the pentagon that they should be -- for instance have their eyes only all the time. be aware of everything. don't list any phone numbers, addresses, email addresses. don't give any indication about their family, their family members. they should not really put anything out there whether it's on facebook or anywhere on the social media themselves or even in old fashioned telephone directories. nothing about them that the enemy could find. in effect, it's almost like being under cover. you know, they are in, i hate to say almost like a witness protection program that these families have to try to put themselves into to, you know, protect themselves from this type of attack. especially if they are families that are overseas. remember, these don't have to be families close to the
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firing line, which they wouldn't be. but anyone who can you identified as a member of the military family has to be on the lookout. >> all right. you arennen the counter terrorism subcommittee. that what is your assess isment of the president's strategy and how is he doing? >> i support it as far as it goes. i mean, obviously the air attacks were essential. i think we need more massive air attacks and they should have begun sooner. now that we have started them they have to be massive. we have to realize even though we have a coalition quote unquote. the fact is the u.s. is going to do the overwhelming amount of the fighting. for this to be effective the president should not be ruling anything out. he should not be saying there is no american boots on the ground. >> he has said that he has told them that, no boots on the ground. >> and wrong. wrong to say that he should stop saying it. and he should let the enemy think that we're willing to do everything and anything. we are willing to stay there 100 years if we have to. willing to use every weapon at our disposal ifjust may deciy
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or slow it down. and the fact that he keeps talking about what he is not going to do, one thing that does he alert the enemy but also causes potential allies to wonder just how serious he is. >> congressman can, nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. and american boots on the ground, well, fighting isis, well, that's right. an army veteran from wisconsin apparently joining the kurds in their battle against isis. not the only american. fox news confirming the kurdish government getting calls from navy seals, army rangers and marines, all volunteering to come join the fight. sergeant johnny jones joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> good evening, greta. sergeant, what do you think about this? a man from wisconsin has already gone over age 28. he was fighting the kurdish people. >> well, you know, i read the army times article. it was very brief. not a lot of detail and spent one year in the army. you can't car him a war veteran. is he is obviously a veteran of the army. has my respect. but, in my opinion, nothing
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good can come from veterans or reservists or any american trying to go there. and fight alongside the kurds without our government or military sending them there. >> well, sergeant thrrkts certainly are a lot of people who are quite enraged and understandably so. you see these videos and read these stories about isis taking over these kurdish towns on the border and stuff. you know, i understand it but it does seem like it would lend itself to a lot of chaos. >> well, exactly. you know, you see everything from a marine jailed down in mexico and seems like we are doing nothing to help him out. and you have these towns and cities in iraq taken over after so many of our brothers and sisters died to take them for the peaceful there. at the end of the day. for an active duty service member to deploy, there is a training package. there is intelligence necessary we don't go over there and point a gun and pull a trigger. we are diplomats. we do nation building. we knock on doors and help people out. we empower the innocent
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people to take over their area from the bad people. we're not just there pulling triggers and kill people. if we are going to do an air strike. we need intelligence so we are striking the right place and doing the right thing. if we can't coordinate that without some type of physical presence then what can one or two or three wrap bows do seas fighting alongside curetedz? in my mind not a lot. except bring in the opportunity for isis to kidnap someone. my condolences go out to those who have been kidnapped and have been executed. i see nothing but bad news from something like this. >> certainly seems like a death wish to go over by yourself to sort of align yourself with any group at this point it. >> absolutely. you know, if this authority authority-o-story is true. i hope it he makes it back safe and our government does more in the physical war and propaganda to let our enemies know we will come after them and destroy them.
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as far as what's going on in iraq and syria with ice is sis. we created a vacuum there and up to us to make sure we finish that job and allow those innocent people to take control of lives country. >> thank you sergeant jones. >> thank you. >> did vice president biden say terrorism is not a threat to the u.s.? you are going to hear directly from the vice president. and then former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton is standing by to go "on the record." also new developments right now in the disappearance of university of virginia co-ed hannah graham. "on the record" takes to you charlottesville just moments away. plus, now it's senator john mccain's turn. he is making a big modify to try to free our u.s. marine jailed in mexico. what is senator mccain doing? that's straight ahead.
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people worried about the terrorist threat making and that's losing perspective. you don't want to overstate the threat but you don't want to understate it. what he is saying is just simply wrong. number one, it's premature.
11:24 pm
today is terrorism and existential threat? not yet, but the whole point is we are worried that as it metastasizes, as it gets nuclear weapons it will become existential threat. >> i agree the whole alarmist thing is bad. i worry are we properly warning people or scaring people unnecessarily. i don't know which. the lack of sort of addressing what was going on in syria because we felt quite comfortable. now brings us or the president did, rather, now brings us to where we are where it is metastasized cancer. it's got a lot bigger and trying to give it chemotherapy and it's a little lavment. >> given the administration's lack of credibility on its diagnosis of what the problem is, it's a huge mistake for biden to be saying don't worry there is no existential threat. nuclear weapons are an existential threat. chemical and biological weapons can be existential threat. people think that the only existential threat was the kind of exchange of nuclear salvos we might have had with the soviets with the
11:25 pm
cold war where civilization ends that's existential. imagine a terrorist state with five nuclear weapons detonated over five key american cities, you don't think that would end the effective existence of america as we know it i think you need to think again. >> what he said to 60 minutes he made very serious threat the other night. the other thing the other night with all these beheadings and knowing an american is next. it's hard for me to say it's not existential threat. it really is for some families tonight. >> it's certainly the kind of threat that we need to take seriously. and when you observe as biden does more likely to be hit by a meteorite than a terrorist that is true. that was true about pearl harbor, too. it doesn't make the threat any less real. it is inconceivable to me why an administration whose credibility has been so shredded by reality that somebody like joe biden,
11:26 pm
who's to be the next president would say something like that. >> he should have said nothing about it. >> everything we can to make sure it doesn't become an existential threat. >> indeed. ambassador, thank you, sir. >> and "on the record" has been covering new information of missing co-ed hannah graham mystery. uva student vanishing three weeks ago. ted williams is on the case. he is "on the record" next. also, people beaten and bloodied on the streets of hong kong. take a look at this. we have new video coming into fox right now ♪ want to change the world? create things that help people. design safer cars. faster computers. smarter grids and smarter phones. think up new ways to produce energy. ♪ be an engineer. solve problems the world needs solved. what are you waiting for? changing the world is part of the job description. [ male announcer ] join the scientists and engineers of exxonmobil in inspiring america's future engineers. energy lives here.
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developing now the search is wydening for missing uva student hannah graham. disappearing for thatly three weeks ago. shocking information from four other cases that may link to the key suspect in hannah's disappearance. jest jesse matthew is the suspect. griff jenkins and ted williams are on the ground in charlottesville investigating. >> three weeks ago, university of virginia student hannah graham mysteriously vanishing. and for charlottesville, virginia, her story is anything but unusual five women in the last five years have gone missing here in the charlottesville area. if i'm investigating this, got to look into it. got to see if there is any connection. >> police have established a link between hannah and morgan harrington who, on october 17th, 2009, disappeared soon after leaving this charlottesville
11:31 pm
arena. >> she took off and started walking away from here alone. >> morgan heads down the street, crossing this fateful bridge. >> she was hitchhiking. and in hitchhiking that means one thing, she was trying to get a ride from one location to another. >> and that's where jesse matthew may come in. >> maybe she entered a cab and one thing we know is that jesse matthew was a cab driver. >> just a month after morgan's disappearance, police find her t-shirt in these bushes. a break in the case that forensic experts may be able to use to link morgan with jesse matthew. >> that is gold to a law enforcement officer. >> of course, morgan and hannah are not alone. sandra martin in lynchburg, which is about an hour's drive down route 29 went also missing. her remains were found. the crime has been unresolved. >> but what's matthew's
11:32 pm
connection? >> jesse matthew attended liberty university in lynchberg. >> and it doesn't stop there. >> griff, there is a fourth woman missing. samantha ann clark lived in virginia about 30 minutes away from here went missing in september 2010. that is also an unresolved murder. >> in november of 2012, another unresolved disappearance in november 2012 a transgender went missing in this neighborhood. this is another thing, another case that law enforcement will be looking at when they look at jesse matthew. >> the question is: will police be able connect the dots? >> charlottesville definitely has a problem with missing girls, and someone is trying in law
11:33 pm
enforcement to try to connect the dots, to try to to determine do you have a serial killer or these isolated incidents of missing girls. former homicide detective ted williams joins us. talk about police connecting the dots. if you have five disappearance in the same area. why does it take to the fifth one before you try to figure out maybe they are the same maybe if they had done it earlier we wouldn't have gotten up to five. >> you have got something there. i cannot understand for the life of me. one of the reasons that they may be jesse matthew did not have from what we understand a felony record. so therefore, his d.n.a. was not on file i do know
11:34 pm
aggressive investigation. maybe that would have led to jesse matthews. fifth one. >> hannah graham is getting a lot of attention. morgan harrington, when she went missing in 2009, she had also been given a lot of attention. but what when you must understand when you look at jesse matthews are two things. motive and opportunity motive we know christian newport university was sexual assault. lynchberg assault. motive, opportunity. he was a cab driver. >> also got -- schools, liberty you mentioned one, liberty university, uva, virginia tech, all these colleges, you know, in virginia. and i mean you would think that some detective would have thought why are so many women disappearing all these universities? and why wasn't there -- i
11:35 pm
mean, i know these aren't always easy to solve. about when we get up to five, i wouldn't want to be the one talking to the brown family if i worked for the police department. >> you have got to understand what law enforcement now, they are not looking so much in hindsight as they are looking for a break. certainly like to know is forensics concerning jesse matthew automobile. has that come back? can they come back. hannah graham with that automobile. >> he is in custody. so now they have d.n.a. from him presumably, right? >> university of missing women is five in the area? that's all they have? i am sure that they are looking not only that area but beyond that area, remember there was a one in fairfax county that was alleged to have been assaulted. >> he was a cab driver and we don't know if he went beyond. anyway, maybe he is not even the one who did it.
11:36 pm
who knows. he will get his trial. presumed innocent. ted, thanks. >> my pleasure. vice president biden slamming fellow democrats and not just any democrats. slamming former secretary of state hillary clinton and former cia director and former secretary of defense leon panetta. you won't believe what the vice president said this time. "on the record" political panel is standing by. plus, new video out of hong kong. protesters shocking the city. check mate for the chinese government? when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing.
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former secretary of defense and director leon panetta slamming president obama for handling of iraq. vice president biden returning the punch slamming the director.
11:41 pm
vice president biden slamming panetta for writing inappropriate books on the obama administration. washington examiner susan father rich choo, jackie and laughed i wrote kaboom. what biden did was kaboom. went after panetta but also referring to secretary clinton. what's the problem? >> you see this certain administrations fairly often at this point in the administration. remember when condoleezza rice went after richard clark for which he wrote about iraq during the bush administration. i think biden has a reason to defend obama, obviously. and to go after hillary and i think that might be a little bit about 2016. >> any problem writing a book while the president is still sitting in office. he didn't complain about the content he complained about the timing. >> you have to remember that this is personal for him too because robert gibbs in his book vice president biden being wrong. robert gates yes on every foreign major policy
11:42 pm
decision for how many years. >> that wasn't panetta or clinton. >> right. >> he was part of that group. that was like their lunch table dogs there need to be a bile on right now. at war. do we need to be hearing more folks president obama especially former and administration officials. i think that's what he was getting at. >> i see a common theme here because in gates' book he says that both clinton and panetta, all three were upset that the president kept such tight reign over national security didn't let them in over the division. making decisions around them. during his tenure and putting a distance between themselves and the president. so i think this is just, you know, it's unusual, bush's staff did not write books until they were out of office both of them at the earliest. i think this is a pattern about people being really upset with the way he ran --
11:43 pm
he has run national security. >> also a touch of don't blame me. what hillary clinton said in her book is she said that obama that she had pressed obama to arm the syrian mod democrats. he wouldn't with, now look at the mess we are in. don't blame me. >> she may run for president, too. >> panetta was critical of obama saying he shouldn't have withdrawn all the forces from iraq. don't blame me basically because they say. >> they are all saying he didn't let them in on these decisions that he kept them at a distance. three of them together said that. >> distance he made the wrong decision, they say. >> it is worth noting though that panetta and the collins are very close personally. >> factor here, i think, too. is that clinton she has got to distance herself clearly if she she runs for president which she is poised to do. >> the timing this is a time when president obama is making very serious decisions, you know, in the middle east, dealing with the new crisis just about every day. so, do we need more voices out there? >> you know, my theory on
11:44 pm
the panetta book it isn't out yet. i think this is all the publishers that they put all the red meat out for everyone to get upset about. the book may be 500 pages, 499 saying president obama is is the greatest president ever. say they leaked this bad thing and get everybody fired up and fire up the vice president and everybody else. >> that was hillary's book, too. marketing the publisher. >> is bryden running 2016? i say he gets out of the way if clinton decides to run. >> i think he toys with it until the very last minute. >> i just don't see it he is not taken seriously. there is no donors out there. they are all locked up. where is his operation? it's just not there. >> that's true. i think he is there in case she says no. >> i'm not convinced that hillary clinton is going to run. >> i'm not either. >> she is do everything she wants to do in terms of the clinton global initiative. >> would the party be mad at her? >> i don't know. who knows. anyway, it's not going to be
11:45 pm
dull. we know that for sure. anyway, panel, thank you. you have a wonderful weekend. and wipe out, government regulations and red tape is drowning small businesses. now, we're going to take you to a surf shop struggling to stay afloat next. test for over 60,000 california foster children,
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now to or "on the record" investigation big government destroying small businesses. tonight we will take to you a small surf shop where increasing government rules and regulations are wiping out the business, literally. griff jenkins reports from ocean city, maryland. >> surf's up in ocean city, maryland. for one surfer's small business the surf isn't the only thing that's up. >> just got our health insurance renewals and it went up 41%. 41%. >> mark pew founded the
11:50 pm
caicos surf shop 25 years ago and for him and his 10 full-time employees health insurance premiums are are hitting him like a tidal wave. >> 22-year-old guy paying over $300 a month for $2,000 deductible plan. and it's gone up 41.07% from last year. i really don't know what we're going to do. not a lot of these smaller companies offer healthcare and we have chosen to and now, unfortunately, it is getting unaffordable for us to do. >> skyrocketing healthcare cost isn't the only problem. >> got the one-two punch on me. i have got increasing healthcare premiums, doubled up the state of maryland has just increased the minimum wage. it's going to eventually get up to $10.10 an hour. >> most of pew's standoff makes more than minimum wage anyways. since summer is the busy center caicos brings in an additional 40 temporary employees, mostly teenagers
11:51 pm
who make less than $10 an hour. >> most of our staff is 17, 18-year-old, 16-year-old kids. you know, they're not trying to raise a family on minimum wage. i can't pay 10 bucks an hour to a 16-year-old kid. from a higher price for summer employees means just one thing for mark. >> i'm going to have to cut six employees to keep our labor costs the same. >> for caicos surf shop a rising tide isn't enough to wash away rising healthcare costs in a a minimum wage increase. >> i would love to hire more people but we can't. the math just doesn't work. >> the caicos surf shop has been in business for 25 years. now its owners worry if they will be able to keep the doors open for another 25. let's all go off-the-record for main. here is a challenge we face here "on the record" on any very serious issue. and there are many weave have to report what to
11:52 pm
report, how much and how. take, for instance, ebola. it's here and it can dill kill you. the odds are against you if you get ebola. ebola is highly contagious and, admit it, who wants to to sit next to someone on a plane or a bus who has symptoms or being the healthcare worker at the emergency room who checks in the symptomatic person. so how should we report about ebola? on the other hand we don't on the one hand we don't want to set off panic that is irresponsible. on the other hand if we don't alert to you a real health crisis that can kill you that is likewise irresponsible. also want to keep up the pressure on a serious matter so that our leaders don't put it on the back burner afternoon not give it the urgent attention it needs. so the questions remain, how much, how should we do it and how should we make those decisions? what should we consider? so you tell me. you go to and give me your best advice how we should make these decisions. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. coming up, protesters lashing on hong kong. you won't believe this
11:53 pm
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bill o'reilly is next. first, ready set to speed read. first, news out of the u.k. british police investigating vicious online abuse against the parents of missing little girl madeleine mccann. the 3-year-old vanished in 2007 during a family trip to portugal. social media users are sending death threats and hateful messages blaming kate and jerry mccann for their daughter's disappearance. despite the fact the couple was cleared in 2008 of any involvement. one of the internet trolls has been identified as brenda layland a church going mother of two responsible for saying dozen's of abusive tweets to the parents. and in hong kong, a week long pro-democracy demonstration coming to ahave lent head. pro-government supporters storming protests camps, destroying tents and starting scuffles. protest leaders blaming the government for not
11:58 pm
protecting demonstrators spurring the activists to call off talks with the government in hopes of relieving the country's political crisis. and to new jersey where justice can wait for reality tv. former jersey shore star mike the situationer is teen know. arranging a three week delay of arraignment hearing on federal charges of conspiracy and tax fraud so he can film another reality show. now the situation pleaded not guilty last week for failure to pay taxes on nearly $9 billion in income. senator john mccain jumping into the fight to free our marine held in mexico. senator mccain firing off a letter to mexico's president expressing concern over sergeant andrew tahmooressi's detainment saying he believes u.s. marine made an honest mistake it. the senator urging the mexican government to examine the facts of the case and allow sergeant tahmooressi to return home thanks for being with us, see you monday night right here 7:00 p.m. eastern. if you can't watch live, use your dvr. we have something brand new fox news go on the fox news
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app. or fox news check it out. and right now go to gretawire right come and answer this question i put up just for you. do you think it's okay for former high ranking obama administration to write insider book while the president is still in office? or is it inappropriate like vice president biden says? vote in our gretawire poll. go to and vote in that poll. up next. the o'reilly factor. good night, see you monday. tonight on "red eye" -- >> coming up on "red eye," is buck sexton thinking about trading in the shagging wagon for a hot air balloon in the debate ranls in that well coifed head. and what happened on joe biden's trip to the turnip farm? >> fell off the turnip truck yesterday. i'm serious.
12:00 am
>> and finally, will the x games stop discriminate anklet dogs compete in the skate board big air. all paws on deck next. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> what a shame. but anyway, let's welcome


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